Franck Muller + London Gate in Dubai Marina

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Franck Muller and London Gate are set to redefine luxury living with the Franck Muller Aeternitas Tower. Rising 450 meters in the heart of Dubai Marina, this architectural marvel will be the tallest branded residential and clock tower globally.


The Aeternitas Tower promises to set new standards for sophistication, offering 1 to 4-bedroom branded apartments with panoramic views, including the iconic Palm Jumeirah.


The tower’s design features an angular structure adorned with a captivating clock, destined to become an iconic feature of Dubai’s skyline.


Scheduled for completion in 2027, the tower will host an array of elite amenities, including a sophisticated cigar lounge, a rejuvenating spa, a kid’s play area, padel tennis courts, a private cinema, a sauna, and premium laundry services.


This collaboration blends the heritage of a luxury watchmaker with the finesse of a premium real estate developer, promising a residence that transcends expectations and embodies timeless elegance.

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